Sponsorship opportunities

We are excited to extend an invitation to becoming an integral part of our upcoming conference. This event serves as a pivotal platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and professionals to converge and engage in dynamic discussions on the latest trends and developments in the world of intellectual assets. As you consider aligning your brand with our conference, you’re not only investing in our shared commitment to knowledge exchange but also seizing an unparalleled opportunity to amplify your reach and impact.

Our sponsorship opportunities cater to a diverse range of preferences, ensuring that your brand’s voice resonates powerfully within our community. Whether you’re looking to enhance your visibility through our prestigious Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorship tiers, or if you’re keen to take centre stage at our exclusive Welcome Reception, Gala Dinner, After Party, or Conference After Work, your involvement will be a cornerstone in shaping a memorable and impactful event.

By partnering with us, you’ll tap into a global network of innovators and professionals, and together, we’ll forge a collective path toward excellence. Join us in this exciting journey of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Your support will undoubtedly elevate the conference experience for all attendees and contribute to the overall success of our event.

We appreciate your consideration and look forward to exploring how we can work together to make this conference an inspiring success. For more detailed information on our sponsorship opportunities and to embark on this journey together, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sponsorship team.

Thank you for your interest, and we’re excited to potentially welcome you as an esteemed sponsor of our conference.

Sponsorship categories



65 000 kr


35 000 kr


15 000 kr
Maximum number of sponsors
1 Speaker or 1 Roundtable Host (theme and content to be decided in collaboration with organizing committee and subject to approval)
Exhibition space in the Conference Hall which can be manned or used to display promotional material, information leaflets or be used for sales purposes (standing desk and high chair provided)
Logotype/name on Photo wall in the Conference Hall
Dedicated, separate marketing on LinkedIn for sponsor (to be made in collaboration with organizing committee)
Inserting item in the conference delegate bag (to be chosen from list on a first come first serve-basis, or approved by organizing committee, items in sufficient number to be provided by sponsor)
Two items
One item
Free registration for delegate
For the Speaker/ Roundtable host
One delegate
50 % discount for delegates
Three delegates
Two delegates
30 % discount for delegates
Acknowledgment on Conference website, social media, other relevant communication
Logotype/name on conference delegate bag

Other sponsorship opportunities

Welcome reception

40 000 krExclusive for one sponsor

Unlock unparalleled brand visibility and prestige by becoming the distinguished sponsor of our Welcome Reception at Vasamuseet. As the host of the world’s best-preserved 17th-century ship, Vasa, this iconic maritime museum offers an exceptional backdrop for your brand’s recognition. Your sponsorship will not only showcase your commitment to history and culture but also provide an exclusive platform for networking and engagement.

This sponsorship opportunity offers prominent exposure, aligning with history and culture. The event planners of the organizing committee will assist (at sponsor’s request and expense) with inspiration, suggestions and order of customized décor such as roll-ups, balloons, and prominent logo placement. Your brand will command attention throughout the event, from promotional materials to the vibrant venue itself.

With private guided tours and drinks with appetizers, your sponsorship promises an immersive experience, resonating with guests as they explore craftsmanship from the year 1628. Elevate your brand above the rest, aligning it with a truly exceptional event that echoes your commitment to excellence.

Gala dinner with entertainment

20 000 krExclusive for one sponsor

Elevate your brand’s stature by becoming the exclusive sponsor of our distinguished Gala Dinner—an evening of refined luxury and unforgettable moments. Immerse yourself in the splendor of the meticulously restored historic venue, Kägelbanan, as it sets the stage for an exceptional experience. As the sponsor, you’ll have a unique opportunity to infuse the event with your branding and creative touch.

Transform the venue into a showcase of your brand identity, from stand-out decor to personalized menus, showcasing slogans and creating an ambiance that resonates with your vision. Collaborate with us to include customized elements into the entertainment, ensuring your brand is highlighted as the performance captivates the audience. Our skilled event planners will collaborate closely with you, facilitating ideas, and expertly sourcing materials that enhance your brand’s visibility.

Your sponsorship not only ensures heightened exposure but also leaves an imprint on industry leaders, making the Gala Dinner an extraordinary evening to remember.

Note: The work of the event planners and material will be additional to sponsor fee, as agreed with the event planner.

Afterparty with live music

20 000 krExclusive for one sponsor

Ignite the night as the exclusive sponsor of our dynamic After Party—an electrifying celebration that promises to be the conference’s highlight. Let your brand shine amidst the transformation of the venue’s atmosphere to match the party’s energy. The live band’s performance will prominently showcase your sponsorship, while drink tickets will elegantly feature your logo and slogan.

The After Party of the Annual Conference Gala Dinner is always especially appreciated by the vibrant and dynamic audience of the YMC, aligning your brand with the aspirations of up-and-coming professionals.

Our proficient event planners will collaborate closely with you to design an atmosphere that echoes your brand’s essence. Materials will bring your vision to life, ensuring your brand’s impact remains memorable. This exclusive opportunity guarantees exposure, engagement, and the unique chance to be a vital part of this vibrant experience.

Note: The work of the event planners and material will be additional to sponsor fee, as agreed with the event planner.

Tuesday Conference AW and networking

10 000 kr - SoldExclusive for one sponsor

Shape the ambiance of our engaging After Work session—a relaxed and convivial gathering that brings the conference to a fulfilling close. Your brand may grace the bar area, and drink tickets proudly display your logo or slogan, amplifying your presence throughout the event. Attendees may also receive branded goodie bags, reinforcing your brand’s imprint.

Conference marketing efforts with your name during Day 2 will ensure high attendance, granting your brand maximum visibility. Count on our experienced event planners to flawlessly execute your vision, transforming it into reality. This sponsorship ensures prominent visibility, networking opportunities, and the gratification of leaving an enduring impact on the conference’s overall experience.

Note: The work of the event planners and material will be additional to sponsor fee, as agreed with the event planner.