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The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) stands as a global institution that was founded in 1973. It boasts 33 national and regional chapters across more than 90 countries, uniting over 6,500 professionals. This expansive network is composed of an array of individuals, including business leaders, IP managers, academics, licensing executives, financiers, legal and technical experts, patent attorneys, government officials, and more. Together, they collectively strive to advance the realm of intellectual property on a worldwide scale.

LESI’s overarching commitment revolves around the creation, safeguarding, and commercialization of innovation, along with the strategic management and monetization of intellectual property. Through its comprehensive network, LESI actively empowers professionals to navigate the complex landscape of intellectual property and drive its transformative impact across industries.

LES Scandinavia

Within this framework, LES Scandinavia unites professionals from Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. As part of LES’s larger mission, LES Scandinavia strives to foster networking, collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation across these Nordic nations.

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By joining LES Scandinavia, you become part of a vibrant international community of intellectual property enthusiasts across the Nordic nations and the wider LESI community. Membership in our regional chapter also automatically grants you access to the international organisation LESI. LES membership will not only broaden your network but will also immediately save you money as members receive a significant discount on the conference fee. Elevate your professional profile and enjoy a range of exclusive benefits designed to amplify your success. See some of the benefits below.

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NOTE: LES Membership runs calendar year (January 1 through December 31). LES does not prorate membership dues. Please note that all LES memberships are non-transferable. Join now, expiration will be 2023-12-31.